Dead drop hits Amsterdam

So what to do when some one facebooks about Dead drops and there’s a blizzard in Amsterdam?

That’s right… scramble for a USB stick, a drill and some grey epoxy glue. It just needs to be done.

A Dead Drop is a USB stick cemented into a wall or stuck to something. It’s a totally unwired device where people can leave each other pieces of art, a note or just a dump of their latest work. Anything goes. It’s a concept byAram Bartholl who has done a lot of other interesting and/or fun things.

What do we put on it? someone asks. Luckily I realize that the internet was built before it was used, so that will come later. It just such a fun idea and interesting place to put things, I decided to to do it. NOW.
I got my son Laszlo interested (ok, I promised him world fame) and we got to work.
As night was falling, we got some lights out which did attract some attention but as this is Amsterdam, nobody worried too much that we were drilling a hole in the wall just after a snow storm in the dark.

As I have a startup (called I couldn’t resist dropping that name into the stick. What a way to advertise 🙂

Check the site for more location all over the world.

dead drop location in Amsterdam

Dead drop Amsterdam


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