Zotonic: The Movie

This is a video I produced with Peet Sneeks to promote Zotonic, the Erlang web framework & content management system.

It features Charlotte, a successful “twitter girl” who wonders if she needs Zotonic. Charlotte is actually for real!  Marc Worrell and Arjan Scherpenisse explain what Zotonic is all about. The Video is available on Vimeo and Youtube or on the site.

I’m really excited about Zotonic: it’s an open source framework being used for many mission critical applications. I got involved in the project due to my sponsorship during the MaxClass project. The movie is our most recentl project, but a long list of activites are going to follow (like an article the next edition of “The architecture of Open Source Applications“, called the Performance of Open Source Applications) and an upcoming interview

Want to keep posted? follow @Zotonic or test. We’re developing professional services too soon.

For Erlang Geeks: in the course of the video we make a joke that has kept us laughing all through the production. You might notice that there is an old fashion telephone that resembles the phones from “Erlang: the movie” .  So when Arjan hears the phone ringing and picks up with “Hello Mike”, this isn’t me, but the Mike (Mike Williams, the co-inventorof Erlang). from the original movie. :-).