Erlang talent community!

Erlang is hot and Erlang is here to stay. It orginated in Sweden at Ericsson as a language for telecom-systems. Really fast, really scalable. Used by Facebook, used by SpillGames, used by MaxClass.

Erlang is what we need now for internet or mobile platforms: real scalability. Cheap concurrenty. Hot swapable code.

So after being involved in MaxClass (social network), Totally Erlang and Zotonic implementations (all Erlang), I decided we should start a Erlang Talent Community. If all goes well, within a few weeks we should be up to speed and don’t need to keep dissapointing clients in need of exactly that talent.

So please pass it on or if you are an Erlang developer of even if you work as a front-ender together with a Erlang developer and feel good about it: sign up for the:

Erlang Talent Community.


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