Cool Learning

Recently I presented MaxClass at the “Learning of the Future” event and I bumped into serial entrepreneur Bas Mennink who presented CoolLearning – a wonderful little online tool that I thought deserved attention.

It’s basically simple: a teacher enters a list of learning tasks into an online app. The tasks (for example simple sums or word learning tasks) are scheduled to be fired at a student using social media or text messages.  Why? Bas explained to us that it will help keep a student’s brain activated in the time between lessons. And however simple the idea is, I think it’s pretty interesting. It’s well known that some students can’t cope with long summer holidays – they just forget too much. And anyone knows how hard it is to remember new things without constant repetition. I’ve recently been hearing about some applications of online learning with texting inbetween online sessions with little tasks and apparently people really love it. So I think CoolLearning might be a bit specific for some teachers but I think the general idea is great and should be given a chance.


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